Friday, November 6, 2009


June held many new adventures for us.
After many years of wanted to and then talking myself out of and/or procrastinating, I finally got my CNA. So the first two weeks of June I was back in school learning. The tricky part was getting a babysitter for 2 weeks for 10 hrs a day. Luckily I have great friends and young women (who needed a project) to help me out. When I did my clinicals we went to Silverado Senior Care Center. Along with learning hands on, I got to pet a baby kangaroo and raccoon. AWESOME! I have pictures but they are in my old phone which Gracie has put in a safe spot and so when I find it I will post those pics.
While I was tackling that project I still was trying to be a good leader and help our young women get ready for girls camp. In that same 2 week period I (and other yw leaders) went on 2 hikes which both ended up in the rain:) The first one I thought I wouldn't make it, I prayed and prayed that I would have the strength to endure. I tell you those prayers must have been answered cause I wanted to give up so bad. Once we made it, I put my dripping wet socks on the wood burning stove to dry them off and, ya needless to say I went home with no socks that night they were a little crisp. Not one of my brightest ideas.
We also went on our 5 mile hike which ended up raining and my sweet Emily hurt her knee while hiking. It was great hike and gorgeous view but I had, had my fill of beautiful nature for one week.
Other camp activities I got to take the young women to Suessical the Musical in Midvale. It was a very cute play. I was really surprised to see my Aunt and Uncle there, I found out that my cousin and her son were in the play which made all the better to watch.

I also had the wonderful privilege to go through the temple with one of my very best friends for the first time!!! Then a week later I was very blessed to be able to attended her wedding with my loving husband (Yes, his boss actually let him off for once) and watch her be sealed for time
and all eternity to the man of her dreams. Love you Jenn!

June held a lot of fun and exciting adventures such as trips to the zoo, youth conference, weddings, and showers. I'm sad to say that I didn't take many pictures. It was one crazy month and I loved every minute of it. Maybe not at the time but looking back I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In my quest to catch up I have just posted 3 new posts :) Sorry so much at once!!

The Clove Award

My cute little Gracie received the Clove Award on Tuesday. So what I have learned is that Dr. Clove was the first superintendent for Murray School District and when he passed away left all his money to the school district to give to the children that he loved so much but was unable to have any of his own. So at Liberty Elementary is given as a citizenship award and along with it comes a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble yay :) We are so proud of her. I am so glad that she listens to her teachers and does what she is asked! When she was little I had the fear that she would get in trouble a lot at school for talking but it looks like as for now I don't have to worry. Good Job Gracie!!!

Preschool Program

Last Wednesday, May 27, Chris had his preschool program. OK so we are walking in and Dez goes to hand him his lei and he all of a sudden is very shy and says he wants to go home. I am doing everything in my power to get him to go on stage with his classmates so I can ooohhh and aaahhh over him. Well it didn't happen I was a very upset mommy. Later I found out he was mad because he wanted a red lei instead of blue (there wasn't any red!) Anyways, Desirae did an awesome job as always and we can't wait to go back next year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Month

May 1st was my big boy's birthday. He turned 4 and now he thinks he is hot stuff sometimes he's too smart for his own good. For his birthday we went to the zoo and he was able to take one friend. So we took cute little Sammy, and some cousins and friends came along for the ride as well.

He is all about dinosaurs right now he got a lot of dinosaur books and we had dinosaur flags in his cup cakes. Other thing he got for his b-day were a pillow case from Aunt Jennie, hot wheels track , transformers, and of course a bike. I love my little man he can always make me smile. I love his surprises he gives me many times a day, the surprise is a hug and a kiss and what mom would love that surprise. Happy Birthday to my buddy!!!
My baby turned 2 on May 17th!!! We went to Jungle Jim's just as a family, Mema came too. He had a ball but unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pics. Family came over on Sunday for cake and ice cream; the most important part of a birthday if I do say so my self. Carter got a scooter and lots of other fun gifts.

What can I say about my baby whose not a baby any more. He is so full of love and has a smile that just melts your heart. Andy and I joke that Chris is able to joke his way out of trouble and Carter is able to look at you and that will make whatever he did go away. Girls watch out for this one those dimples will hook ya. His hugs are the best and his laugh is contagious.
My boys are growing up so fast I can't even believe it. They are the best of buddies and I pray that they will stay that way. This is exactly what I hoped for when I found out I was having another boy!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

BOYS! you gotta love 'em

Chris informed this morning, he says "Mom me and my friend have nuts and we have a pee. So we have a pee-nuts. Really Mom we do."
I have never heard it quite put that way but I laughed for like 5 minutes. It put a happy point in my not so good morning.
Then about an hour later, Carter comes into the living room rubbing instant oatmeal in his hair. Let me tell you he rubbed it in good. At the time it really wasn't funny but I knew I would want to blog it so I had to take some pictures before I cleaned him up. He was really proud of himself until we hosed him down with the shower.

Some days I wonder what I have gotten myself into!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Cinna-Mice?

OK so the other day I was on Studio 5's web sight looking for this peepsicle recipe I had seen and I also found a Cinna-bunny recipe. Both looked like lots of fun so I decided to give it a go.
The peepsciles were fun. You take a bunny peep dip it in chocolate, roll it in peanuts or coconut. Then freeze it for 30 min. They were actually really yummy. Even if you don't like peeps which, Andy hates, they are good.
I also made the cinna-bunnies and well they ended up looking more like cinna-mice. Oh well they were really good too.